Doblin helps leaders innovate.
We bring together a diverse array of talent.

Ben Austin

Location: New York

Education: MBA, Columbia Business School; BA in Urban Studies, Columbia University

As a business lead for Doblin, Ben helps our clients craft engaging strategy narratives backed by methodical analysis. Prior to business school, Ben worked in creative development in the film industry, which taught him the value of illustrating analytical insight through good storytelling.

A Brooklyn resident by way of Western Massachusetts, Ben can usually be found on the weekends eating his way through the ethnic enclaves of the outer boroughs, but, no, he does not have a food blog.

Phil Ayoub

Location: New York

Education: PhD, Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University; MS, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Pennsylvania State University; BS, Psychology, University of Wisconsin

Phillip Ayoub is a senior consultant and innovation strategist who works to help solve our clients’ most challenging growth and innovation problems. He specializes in innovation strategy, organizational analysis and design, and design-led research.

With a background in psychology, engineering, and business, Phillip loves to work on the ambiguous and complex, bringing order to chaos and chaos to order. A perpetual student on the science of innovation, he also enjoys writing and teaching on the topic.

Phillip walks to work most days but makes sure to stop at every bakery and coffee shop along the way to offset any lost calories.

Marilyn Brda

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Library Science, Northern Illinois University; BA and MA in Fine Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A library scientist by training, she specializes in researching cultural issues and trends and is currently focused on healthcare and food issues. She also regularly helps to shape our content for speaking events and workshops.

Before she joined us, Marilyn worked in new business development at Rand McNally and at the National Association of Realtors, where she provided reference services.

Marilyn is an avid gardener and forest conservator; she believes both activities impart an appreciation for the innovation process at large.

Brynna Bunnag

Location: New York

Education: BS in Environmental Economics & Policy, BA in Sociology, and Minor in Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

Brynna Bunnag is an innovation strategist with a penchant for fusing design and creativity into strategic client solutions that have impact. Working across multiple industries, Brynna helps clients solve their most complex challenges, using a multidisciplinary approach that blends business, design, and user research.

With a mother from Singapore and a father from Thailand, Brynna has grown up with a passion for exploring new cultures and finding herself lost in unfamiliar places across the world. She also has a great respect for well-designed stationery and is constantly in search of the world's greatest black pen.

Aaron Cannon

Location: New York

Education: BA in Economics, Tufts University

As an innovation strategist, Aaron brings together a deep curiosity about human behavior and a determination to improve the world around him. He works closely with clients to help build and cultivate game-changing innovation by digging deeper into the user experience and exploring the big strategic questions. In addition to helping develop better solutions, he also works with organizational design experts to provide the tools and discipline to innovate effectively.

After a short career as the tour manager for rising pop stars, managing everything from contracts to droves of screaming teenagers, Aaron stays closely connected to music but hopes to one day regain his hearing.

Dan Chichester

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BS in Liberal Arts, Grand Valley State University, Michigan

Dan Chichester is a senior research specialist responsible for organizing our field research strategies as well as helping clients and colleagues to understand the latest qualitative research methods. He finds ways to connect what is desirable from a research point of view with what is possible from a technology point of view.

An acclaimed photographer, Dan is the long-time archivist of our internal image library and has taught and practiced architectural, industrial, and scientific photography. He is currently trying to work out how to unite a long-time love of baking bread with a budding interest in bourbon.

Melissa Dalrymple

Location: Chicago

Education: MBA, Harvard University; MA in Art History, Johns Hopkins; BA in Art History, Yale University

Melissa Dalrymple is a member of our client leadership team, with a particular interest in cross-channel strategy and social technologies for retail, CPG and hospitality clients. Her specialization lies in defining new business opportunities for clients while she also supports and mentors internal teams. Before joining Doblin, Melissa was a leader at IDEO's London and Chicago offices. She also spent nearly a decade in New York working at design firms such as Rockwell Group and Landor Associates, where she developed an abiding love of brand and experience design.

After a New Year's resolution to improve her photography, Melissa spends far too much time glued to her iPhone or her DSLR, obsessing about things like depth of field and being completely distracted by the lovely details that catch her eye around the city.

Beth Dileone

Location: Chicago

Education: MA in Social Science, University of Chicago; BA in Psychology, Albany State University

Beth DiLeone is a research specialist who works on all phases of our client projects, with a particular focus on behavioral data and insights.

Having obtained three associates degrees—in animal behavior, animal training, and wildlife education—she initially immersed herself in a rather more simian world, working at Max Planck's Institute for Human Development to study behavioral economics in monkeys. More recently, she decided to apply her observational skills to human beings and contributes to projects within many different industries.

Beth now trains animals only for fun. She also participates in Roller Derby, also for fun.

Amelia Dunlop, Principal

Location: Boston

Education: MBA, Cambridge University; MTS in Theological Studies, Weston Jesuit School of Theology; BA in Sociology, Harvard University

Amelia Dunlop is a member of our client leadership team and a founding member of Monitor's organizational strategy business unit. She has helped design organizations for growth for more than a decade. She is the co-author of Organizing To Win, Monitor’s proprietary intellectual property for designing organizations and author of Dynamic Strategy Implementation, Monitor's point of view on how organizations can deliver on their strategic ambition.

Amelia brings her skills in organizational design, capability building, and transformation to bear on the world of innovation. She has worked across many different industries and sectors and regularly speaks and writes about the challenges of scaling innovation in organizations.

Amelia has at various times been a semi-professional dancer and a moral theologian. Not to mention, she is the doting mother of three.

Francesco Fazio, Principal

Location: Chicago

Education: MBA, University of Chicago; B.Eng and M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, University of Geneva

Francesco Fazio is a member of our client leadership team. Italian by birth, international by choice, he has lived and worked everywhere from South America to China to Africa. He also helped build out a new office for Monitor Group in the Middle East.

Francesco recently chose to settle in Chicago, where he helps our global clients in industries such as technology, industrial products and chemicals to figure out appropriate and viable growth strategies.

Francesco swears his recipe for homemade pesto is better than anything you could ever buy from a store. In a previous life, he designed jet skis.

Geri Gibbs

Location: Chicago

Geri Gibbs provides the backbone of our Chicago office, where she has the unenviable task of coordinating travel and logistics. She has assisted Doblin co-founder Larry Keeley for many years, while she also ably helps to organize many of the firm's other senior leaders.

An avid athlete, Geri tries to run at least four half marathons every year. Refusing to acknowledge any contradiction, she is also a fervent Deadhead, and still deeply laments the passing of Jerry Garcia.

Jesse Goldhammer, Principal

Location: San Francisco

Education: PhD in political science, UC Berkeley; MA in political science, NYU; BA in social science, UC Berkeley

Jesse Goldhammer is a member of our client leadership team. For almost 20 years, Jesse has been helping corporate and government clients to develop innovative strategies and capabilities. He's working with our teams to combine his deep knowledge of technology and managing large-scale, complex projects with our demonstrated innovation methodologies to see how we might radically transform organizations and help them adapt to dynamically changing environments.

Prior to joining Doblin, Jesse co-led a Monitor Group business unit focused on developing innovative intelligence analysis programs. He also worked on scenario planning at another Monitor company, GBN. Jesse previously worked in Internet search at Inktomi and Yahoo!. He is a prolific author, having written numerous articles and two books, Deviant Globalization (Continuum Publishing) and The Headless Republic (Cornell University Press).

When he’s not thinking about deviant innovation (@deviantglobal), Jesse pulls espresso by hand, finds any opportunity to get his family into the wild and recently started to play the acoustic guitar.

Jack Gray

Location: Chicago

Education: BBA, Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Jack Gray is a user researcher and strategist at Doblin. Utilizing experiences gained from extensive travels around the world, Jack is continuously developing his ability to connect with different cultures and peoples in order to better adapt products and services to their wants and needs. Always curious, Jack works to understand the moment when business, society, and users come together and influence each other in meaningful ways.

When not in the office, Jack can be found loyally cheering for his Detroit sports teams or planning his next skiing, backpacking, or fishing adventure.

Ben Jonash, Principal

Location: Boston

Education: BS in Business, Wake Forest University

Ben Jonash is a member of our client leadership team who runs projects with our interdisciplinary teams to address our clients' most difficult growth and innovation challenges.

He delights in helping executives stretch beyond business-as-usual to embrace new methods of thinking about (and implementing) innovation to create new value. He has worked across a whole host of industries and geographies, but most recently has focused on the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Ben lives with his wife in Boston, where they are unabashed fans of all things related to Boston sports.

Katie Joyce

Location: Chicago

Education: BA in Political Science and Spanish, University of Notre Dame

Katie Joyce is a senior manager who has worked on many different types of projects and collaborated with many of the departments across the firm.

Having started her career in research, she now leads teams bringing customer insights to client problems. Katie has worked in industries including healthcare, financial services, foodservice, and telecom, and nonprofits.

Born in Brazil, she has lived in Germany and Spain, and she tutors Spanish-speakers in English when she can. Sadly, her extraordinary capacity for detail seems to abandon her when it comes to finding her keys.

Hyuniee Jung

Location: New York

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BSE in Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University

With a statistician for a father and an oil painter for a mother, Hyuniee Jung has always been interested in the overlap of art and science, and brings both to bear in her work at Doblin. Always looking to discover new and better ways of approaching user-centered work, she focuses on helping clients to be successful.

Having lived in South Korea and in various cities in the United States, Hyuniee settled in New York in 2011. There, she enjoys taking her two Maltese Poodles to the park and being an unapologetic crazy dog person.

Kelley Kahler

Location: Chicago

Education: BSBA in Marketing and Finance, Georgetown University

Kelley Kahler is an innovation strategist who is passionate about helping organizations design and develop solutions that lie at the intersection of user needs and business outcomes. She helps clients challenge conventional wisdom and apply new approaches to problem solving that help lead them to higher-ambition innovations.

An avid golfer, Kelley cherishes every opportunity to walk 18 holes in the sunshine, and she is eager to work her way through her bucket list of iconic courses.

Paul Keck

Location: Chicago

Education: Masters of Design, Institute of Design at IIT, Chicago; BFA in Visual Communication Design, Kent State University

As a communications designer and researcher, Paul believes in the need for clarity and empathy in translating experiences into appropriate and actionable solutions.

A photography and music enthusiast, Paul often takes rambling walks in whatever city he finds himself, snapping pictures and keeping an eye out for undiscovered, out-of-the-way venues.

Larry Keeley, Director

Location: Chicago

Larry Keeley is a member of our client leadership team and an innovation strategist who often wonders why people bother to listen to innovation "experts" at all, since innovation fails about 96% of the time. With his mentor, Jay Doblin, Larry co-founded Doblin back in 1981 in order to obsess about this conundrum and both identify the root causes of innovation failure and develop more successful methods for its implementation.

Larry is a globally recognized teacher, speaker, writer, thinker, and a fervent champion of the potential impact of a strategic combination of design and business.

He still secretly wants to be a research biologist.

Erik Kiaer

Location: Portland

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago; B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal;

Erik Kiaer is a member of our client leadership team and has worked on innovation projects for clients based in almost every industry. His very first project was to redesign Scandinavian Airlines, and it was then that he discovered the value of applying design to experience.

Since then, he has continued to put humanity at the heart of the innovation process, working in industries such as financial services and technology.

Originally from Norway, Erik spent time designing systems for offshore oil and gas production platforms in the North Sea. He now lives on the west coast of the United States, where his daughter teaches him humility on a daily basis.

Sarah King

Location: Chicago

Education: BS in Marketing and Accounting, Arizona State University

Sarah King is our business manager, directing and overseeing the daily operations of finance and accounting. She works with project managers and leadership to improve our efficiency and streamline our internal processes.

Previously in her career, she served on the management team of the market strategies firm, VIA International, where she managed global operations and built and maintained the firm's finance systems. She was the general manager of Chicago's Shakespeare Repertory Theater (now the Chicago Shakespeare Company), and an associate producer and operations manager for the Time Warner-syndicated Jenny Jones show.

As a Wish Granter for the Illinois chapter of Make A Wish Foundation, Sarah helps grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Peter Laundy

Location: Chicago

Education: MA in Graphic Design, Yale Graduate School of Art; BA in Graphic Design, Princeton University

Peter Laundy has worked with some of the finest design talents the world has ever seen, including George Nelson and Massimo Vignelli. Formerly the head of his own design consultancy, he joined us in order to translate research into innovation, and to introduce graphic skills to make ideas into reality.

He leads many of our visual design efforts and is an expert in marketing, branding and visual identity. For many years, he has taught communication planning and innovation concept development at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.

A keen gardener, he still manages to amaze his wife with the number of common flowering plants he cannot name.

Yi Leng Lee

Location: Chicago

Education: MBA, Stuart School of Business, IIT, Chicago; Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago; BS in Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Having obtained her MBA and Master of Design degree at the same time, Yi Leng Lee is practiced at balancing the tension between design and business. As a team leader, she uses insights from user research to help develop appropriate innovation strategies while her work to date has focused on organic growth, conceptualizing and implementing disruptive businesses and helping to build internal innovation competencies.

A native of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Yi Leng regularly finds herself cooking and eating large quantities of food—then walking off the calories with architecture-gawking strolls through her adopted hometown of Chicago.

Matt Locsin

Location: London

Education: Master of Design, Institute of Design at IIT, Chicago; BFA, Syracuse University

Matt Locsin is a member of our client leadership team who leads project teams and develops next generation ideas and methods for our consulting practice.

A perpetual student and skeptic, he studies, crafts, extends, and relentlessly tests pretty much any method purporting to influence innovation, strategy or organizational transformation. Currently, he is adrift in the overlapping fields of strategy, economics, and complexity theory, but he remains confident he'll make sense of it all some time soon. Matt regularly presents and discusses his theories in the outside world.

Matt is deathly afraid of zombies and spends much of his free time preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Lise Lynam

Location: New York

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design; Bachelor of Arts, Colgate University

Lise is a researcher and strategist driven to find opportunities for harmony between user needs and business goals. With multi-disciplinary teams, she grounds business challenges in user context to develop compelling, empathetic solutions for transformational innovation. Lise also works with clients to develop their organizational innovation capability.

Prior experience includes work as a digital strategy consultant for SapientNitro with B2C and B2B clients, and political life as a legislative director for a Member of Congress.

Proud of her Danish roots, Lise is prone to showing off her smørrebrød and lecturing on proper “skål” eye contact (lest a Viking slit your throat and steal your gold). She is also sentimental about her glory days as a college hockey player, of which there is much less to show off now.

Renato Mazziero

Location: Chicago

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Renato Mazziero joined Doblin after five years in São Paulo with Monitor (now Monitor Deloitte) to pursue different yet complimentary angles to his career as a strategy consultant. However, Renato has been collaborating with Doblin on client engagements since 2012, allowing him to combine his business and strategy experience with the multi-disciplinary perspectives from designers and user researchers. Renato believes this dynamic combination allows for fascinating and transformational outcomes for clients.

Despite having lived with his wife in Chicago since 2012, Renato is still trying to decipher the intricate taxonomy of winter conditions that range from freezing rain to flurries to blizzards. He also tries to stay true to the Brazilian cliché of idolizing soccer while, unorthodox to his origin, pursues his second athletic addiction of rugby.

Elaine Meese

Location: Chicago

Education: BFA, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Washington University in St. Louis

Interested in the intersection of the analytical and aesthetic, Elaine is a designer with a passion for data visualization and systems. In the past, she has crafted print and digital projects for a variety of clients, from small non-profits to large universities. This experience is reflected in her ability to synthesize complex ideas into elegant solutions. She believes diverse interests enable thoughtful design and loves discovering overlap between human behavior and visual communication.

She keeps true to her Austin roots with a love of folk music and banjos. She can often be found exploring Chicago along with her latest rescue foster dog.

Bansi Nagji, Principal

Location: Boston

Education: MBA (with distinction), INSEAD, France;
BA and MA in Law, Cambridge University

Bansi Nagji is the leader of Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting’s strategy practice. Prior to the merger with Deloitte, Bansi was President of Monitor Group and led the firm’s innovation practice, orchestrating the union of Doblin and Monitor in 2007.

Bansi has direct responsibility for many of our largest clients and he works globally across many industries with particular experience in life sciences, healthcare and consumer. Bansi sits on the Board of Deloitte, LLP and previously practiced as a lawyer in London.

Despite having lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years, Bansi still has a British accent.

Linda Ochoa

Location: Chicago

Linda Ochoa manages our Chicago office. She coordinates office events and works to make our client meetings run smoothly (or are at the least highly caffeinated). She also coordinates orientation for our new hires.

She also manages office inventory. When not buried in purchase orders, Linda enjoys spending time with her son and playing with the latest addition to her family, a Goldendoodle named Lily.

Carolina Perez

Location: New York

Education: BA in History and Political Science, Columbia University

Carolina Perez is a Consultant at Doblin working with clients to develop innovation strategy and build innovation capabilities. Her innovation experience ranges from front-end ideation to business model development. She brings experience across a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods (food, beauty, and apparel), industrial products, and healthcare.

Carolina’s determination to leave no stone unturned in the search for growth reflects in her deep analytical and research skills. Her specialties include developing innovation case studies, market trend analysis across a range of geographies and industries, and consumer insights.

Carolina currently calls New York City home though enjoys traveling far and wide, having been born in Hong Kong to Peruvian and Uruguayan parents. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for mentoring programs, exploring new cities, and can’t resist a great outdoor market.

Francisco Peschiera

Location: New York

Education: MBA, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth; BA in Psychology & Economics, Middlebury College

Francisco joined Doblin after honing his strategic consulting skills at Monitor. With a background in psychology and economics, Francisco looks to balance understanding user needs and motivations with conducting rigorous analysis to uncover game-changing ideas. He helps clients develop their innovation strategy, design new offerings, and build their innovation capabilities to become better innovators.

Francisco was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Florida and Maine. His love of outdoors and winter sports led him Vermont and New Hampshire where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively. Despite his New England schooling, he is a devoted Yankees fan having spent more than a decade in New York City.

Francisco loves pushing himself physically, recently learning how to play hockey up at Tuck. His latest activity involves chasing after his one-year-old daughter in an attempt to keep her in once piece.

Ryan Pikkel

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Design, Institute of Design at IIT, Chicago; BFA in Communication Design, Syracuse University

Ryan Pikkel is a design strategist and researcher. He employs a broad range of methods to articulate and develop solutions that will benefit both the client and the intended end user.

Trained as a communication designer, Ryan creates visually compelling messages that pack a punch. He has lived and worked everywhere from New York to Mumbai to Hong Kong, but he remains loyal to his hometown of Cleveland, and declares he would be happy to take on the role of general manager of the Indians baseball team should the need arise.

John Pipino

Location: Chicago

Education: BA in History, Frostburg State University, Maryland

Our most tenured employee, John Pipino has worked at Doblin since 1988. He developed our internal technology infrastructure and created systems for social science research and tracking innovation. Pip, as he is known to almost everyone, develops research tools and contributes to client work.

Pip teaches the Systems Workshop class at the IIT Institute of Design, and remains a passionate advocate for the value of liberal arts in the worlds of technology and business.

On the rare occasions Pip isn't working with students, clients or colleagues, he likes to head up a mountain, sleep in snow and breathe non-urban air.

Brian Quinn, Principal

Location: Chicago

Education: BA in Theater and Premedicine, Amherst College

Brian Quinn is a member of our client leadership team, and helps clients define, develop and launch innovations. He has deep experience in corporate and business unit strategy and has worked with startups and Fortune 500 multi-nationals in sectors from healthcare to private equity to heavy manufacturing.

Fascinated with the power of narrative, Brian spent four years working as a Hollywood screenwriter, and he loves to use storytelling as a way to frame complexity, bridge opposing views, and illustrate future possibilities.

Brian wishes he didn't like fine food and finer beverages quite as much as he does.

Melissa Quinn, Director

Location: Chicago

Education: BA in Business, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Melissa Quinn is a member of our client leadership team and oversees operations for our practice. Her responsibilities include commercial operations, client program design, team configuration, capabilities development, and talent acquisition. From time to time, she also works with clients on innovation and organizational challenges.

Her previous experience includes working as a strategy consultant as well as leading various internal initiatives for Monitor Group.

Originally from Canada, she occasionally escapes to her family home in deepest, darkest Nova Scotia, where she likes to hike and take aim at a makeshift wooden target with her father's 20-gauge shotgun.

Remo Remoquillo

Location: Chicago

Education: BFA in Graphic Design at Columbia College, Chicago

As a designer, Remo specializes in visually aligning Doblin's genius ideas and awesomely complex concepts. Often, he ascends into an illustrative frenzy, facilitating dialogues onto white boards to help visualize complex ideas.

Outside Doblin he is an active participant in Chicago's AIGA design community. He also enjoys running in the wild with his little pocketknife and long hair. His favorite season is autumn.

Jennifer Rood

Location: Chicago

Education: MS Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School at Northwestern University; BA in Communication Studies and Sociology, Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame

Jennifer Rood is our manager of marketing and communications. She develops and implements strategic initiatives to showcase Doblin’s work and promote our team’s contributions to the design and innovation landscapes. Taking an integrated approach to communications, she leverages multiple channels to tell our story to our business, talent, and industry communities.

Having lived in Chicago for more than a dozen years, Jennifer has lived in almost as many different apartments and neighborhoods. She and her husband (and dog Bill Clinton) have finally put down roots in the growing North Center community where they plan to stay for a while.

Samantha Ruiz

Location: London

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BFA in Visual Communications, University of Arizona

Samantha Ruiz leads innovation projects and is passionate about synthesizing insights from diverse places to develop new strategies and new business concepts for clients. She loves working with interdisciplinary teams precisely for the unexpected moments and ideas that emerge when you put people with different skills in the same room at the same time.

Originally from Mexico, Sam waits excitedly all year to head home for the holidays, and is reminded annually that this trip is the furthest thing possible from an actual vacation.

Ruth Schmidt

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BA in Art and Semiotics, Brown University

Ruth Schmidt is a senior innovation design strategist who uses design methods to frame and solve complex innovation challenges. Since joining us, Ruth has focused largely on non-profit and civic clients in the education and foundation spheres, tapping into her previous years of experience in digital learning.

Ruth currently serves on the leadership team of the Hive Chicago Learning Network and as an adjunct faculty member at the IIT Institute of Design. At the Institute, she advises students in behavioral economics, communication design, and semiotics, but does not teach them her secret skill of being able to write backwards.

Tom Schoenwaelder, Principal

Location: New York

Education: MBA in Marketing and Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; BA in Government, Harvard

Tom Schoenwaelder is a member of our client leadership team who specializes in helping companies solve difficult growth and transformational challenges.

He frequently works at the intersection of competitive and corporate strategy and innovation, identifying the resources and roles necessary to expedite change. Tom has worked in a number of different consulting roles at Monitor and has advised Monitor clients across the world, including in Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greater China and Korea. He delights in helping clients vanquish their most intractable problems.

Tom spends much of his free time with his wife and two young boys. He is also renovating his home (which has turned out to be a never-ending project).

Hillary Schuster

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Product Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago; BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Hillary Schuster is a senior information designer at Doblin. She believes that good design and clear communication make ideas tangible and powerful. Hillary is particularly interested in designing engaging and authentic experiences for our clients and colleagues.

Her work spans across the company—from providing support to our project teams and thought leaders to assisting with business development and marketing. She supports IP development, concept visualization, and branding, but her primary focus is on providing colleagues with high-quality, well-designed presentations and workshop materials—helping to create signature artifacts for Doblin’s clients.

Hillary has always had an interest in art, math and science. An undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (with a bunch of art classes thrown in for good measure) led her to pursue a Master of Design in human-centered product design at IIT's Institute of Design. In her free time, she designs and styles the ultimate experience: weddings.

Courtney Sherman

Location: New York

Education: M.S. Ergonomics, Cornell University, New York; B.S. (Hons) Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University, New York

Courtney is a commercially minded design strategist with particular experience in human-centered design; transforming research insights into actionable and commercially beneficial strategies. With a strong focus on stakeholder engagement, Courtney helps facilitate the adoption and implementation of new solutions by understanding a client’s organizational culture and capability.

Courtney also leads the Insights Capability, aiming to bring the user to the forefront of innovation. The team develops leading methods to uncover unmet needs and communicate in a manner that instills deep empathy for the users.

A native New Yorker, Courtney spent six years consulting in Sydney, Australia. She’s recently freed herself from the guilt of cheating on her beloved NY by learning to love both cities equally.

Amar Singh

Location: Chicago

Education: BS in Graphic Design, University of Cincinnati

Amar is a designer who brings her skills in brand and identity development, interaction design, and information design to our client projects. She helps to translate ideas into visuals as well as make research insights more tangible.

Previously, Amar gained a variety of experience working on the likes of environmental design with the National Park Service and interaction design at Apple. She now works with our multi-disciplinary teams to use design to engage, communicate, and bring fresh perspective to business problems.

Born and raised in Ohio, she is happy to call Chicago her home, and when she's not working she can be found wandering the city, camera in hand, admiring local typography and searching for the perfect massaman curry.

Stephanie Smith

Location: Chicago

Education: MBA, IIT Stuart School of Business, Chicago; Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago; BS in Music Industry Studies, Loyola University New Orleans

Stephanie is a design strategist and researcher with a wide variety of experience, including international sales and marketing in the music industry, meetings contract procurement, and meetings technology. Having both an MBA and a Master of Design, she enjoys being able to utilize the methods and techniques of both worlds to craft solutions that benefit both end user and client.

Having spent her college years as a jazz singer, Stephanie channels those improvisation techniques while honing the art of teamwork during projects.

Marta Spurgeon

Location: Chicago

Education: MFA in Photography and New Genres, San Francisco Art Institute; BFA in Photography, University of Illinois, Chicago

Marta Spurgeon is a design strategist and ethnographic researcher who specializes in discovering customer needs to inform innovation strategy. Her first forays into the field were as a member of the Peace Corp, where she learned about international development firsthand. Later adventures in teaching in schools around the world helped her to learn the importance of deeply understanding people of different backgrounds.

An exhibited artist, Marta loves nothing more than to immerse herself in a new culture, even when this results in her having to drink a potent fermented yeast, which she once had to do at the behest of a tribe in Micronesia. (It was disgusting, apparently.)

Mara Stewart

Location: Chicago

Education: BFA in Musical Theatre; Catawba College, North Carolina

Mara is the ultimate multi-tasker of the office. When she is not coordinating travel and calendar requests for some of the firm’s senior leaders, she is busy overseeing office logistics, maintenance, and inventory. She also manages the recruiting experience and orientation for our new hires.

Growing up an army brat, Mara has called Germany, Australia and West Virginia home, but her love for theatre brought her to Chicago. She can often be found singing, dancing and acting on stage at neighborhood theatres.

Geoff Tuff, Principal

Location: Boston

Education: MBA, Harvard Business School; BA (hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College

Geoff Tuff is a Principal at Monitor Deloitte and he leads Doblin, the firm’s innovation practice.

Geoff has worked with clients in a host of industries, from industrials to life science to consumer products to information services. He has been instrumental in developing some of our core growth-related methodologies and he specializes in helping clients embed innovation, sales, and marketing excellence capabilities in their organizations.

Geoff currently manages some of our largest client relationships and his writing frequently appears in publications such as Marketing Management and Harvard Business Review. Somehow, he does all of this while also helping to raise four sons.

Jeff Tull

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BSc in Design, University of Cincinnati

Jeff Tull is a member of our client leadership team, a designer and a self-professed systems enthusiast. He works with clients and colleagues to connect the dots between complex problems and to define inventive strategies, businesses, services, and products.

He is particularly interested in helping clients approach prototyping and piloting in creative ways. Jeff has led work in a wide range of sectors and markets—including recently co-leading our work in India.

Outside of work, he serves as adjunct faculty at the IIT Institute of Design and maintains a nerdy-to-the-point-of-annoying fascination with things with wheels (especially vintage BMWs) and pizza in all its manifestations.

Kerri Venable

Location: Chicago

Education: BFA in Graphic Design at Columbia College, Chicago

Kerri Venable is a visual designer, drawing parallels between user insights and visual sensibilities to create poignant narratives. With a background in production and printmaking, she is acutely sensitive to detail and craftsmanship in projects. Complementing her attention to detail, she takes great interest in the broader view of processes and the multi-disciplinary perspective of complex problems.

Raised in Kentucky, she tries to maintain a balance of busy city and quiet life. Outside of work, she is an avid collector of traditional tools of craft and print oddities. She is truly inspired by people and their histories.

John Vollmer

Location: Chicago

Education: Master of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Chicago;
BA in Philosophy, Willamette University

Obsessed with unearthing and applying a structured approach to problem solving, John Vollmer helps develop compelling concepts and customer experiences by making research insights tangible.

Before joining us, he held positions in interaction design and web development, where he strove to create interactions that were easy, effective and enjoyable. He works with clients in industries including healthcare, energy efficiency, financial services, mobile commerce, and media and entertainment.

John also continues to delight in finding new connections between his dual passions of design and jazz. In the summer, he can be found riding his bike around the city in search of his favorite food: tacos.

Adam Wendel

Location: London

Education: Bachelor of Industrial Design, Robert Busch School of Design, Kean University

Adam is a senior innovation and design strategy consultant and is part of the first Doblin team established in London. He plays an integral role in discovery research and insight development, leading the definition of design principles for future concepts. Adam’s rich experience in product design brings to life insights into multi-faceted business concepts, to help create a compelling future.

Prior to joining Doblin, Adam led New York-based design consultancies resulting in numerous design awards and commercialized innovations. He also led the New York City chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America and has since continued his community involvement with design & innovation networks in London. Living in London he remains a loyal New Yorker.

Jeff Wordham, Principal

Location: New York

Education: MBA, Harvard Business School; B.Com, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Jeff Wordham is a member of our client leadership team. He helps clients to define innovation strategies, build new businesses and enhance their overall capabilities.

While he works across a range of industries, he has particular experience in life sciences and healthcare and has recently been working to extend our innovation presence in India. Jeff has many years of consulting experience, advising clients on corporate strategy, organizational design, leadership, and operations.

Jeff has lived and worked in Canada, the United Kingdom and the U.S. These days, he lives in Chelsea with his wife and two children.