​Innovation: You Can’t Set It and Forget It

If you hold an innovation role inside a large company, you may have a problem on your hands. But, before turning to the problem, let me share some good news: you are in your innovation role because most senior executives think your work is a top priority and have shown they are ready to invest in training you as an innovator.

Now the bad news: These same execs, according to our recent survey, are frustrated with current efforts and―even more―are worried their companies are not setting the right innovation priorities. They also believe they are neither aiming high enough with their innovation ambitions nor investing sufficiently in the right technologies to win.

As a guest contributor on Huffington Post, in "Innovation: You Can't Set it and Forget it," I take a closer look at the root causes of underperformance, examine the pitfalls of a functionalized approach to innovation, and provide some advice for how the c-suite can stay more hands on to achieve success.

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