Q+A with Larry Keeley and Henry Doss on Forbes

Henry Doss from Forbes talks to Larry about his background in innovation and consulting and his point of view on the Ten Types of Innovation. Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

Henry Doss: Larry, you’ve been in the “innovation business” for a long time. Your current business—Doblin—is dedicated to “helping leaders innovate effectively.” Let’s start by you giving us a “business” definition of just what innovation is.

Larry Keeley: Well . . . the question of definition is really important because it reveals one of the central challenges in innovation: there is very little logic and a huge amount of lore. Nearly every “expert” in the innovation space has a different definition of the term itself; so the field is slow to make progress, because people haven’t treated it with much objectivity. For years, my colleagues and I at Doblin have been at pains to distinguish between the noun innovation and the verb innovating. This is not a matter of semantics: getting this definition right opens up the entire field to tradecraft that drives effectiveness.

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