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Alisha Mody



I am a results-focused, strategic & creative advisor with a passion for the business of seriously clever, positive people and brands. I have been lucky enough to merge my personal passion for travel with my professional pursuits, travelling the globe to advise C-suite management on topics such as brand and business transformation, customer experience, communications strategy, innovation, and marketing effectiveness.

While I enjoy nutty challenges no matter where they appear, I have a penchant for critical sectors and fast growing markets. I find this intersection allows me to play with both the social and commercial sides of impact.

After several years as a management consultant, I took a break to serve as a fellow with Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Yunus' Grameen Creative Lab. There, I helped launch the first ever social business investment funds in Haiti and India. I continue to explore and support entrepreneurs who don't see profits and purpose as mutually exclusive by serving as an Adviser to two start-ups in Mumbai, and a mentor to Bethnal Green Ventures.

I am frighteningly "at home" in airports and will rarely say no to a moderately dangerous adventure.


Bachelor of Arts – Princeton University

What Inspires Me

Cancer fighters, Indian cottage industries, quantum mechanics (what little of it I understand), this awe-inspiring natural world of ours, beautifully-written prose.