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Ariana Cydney Shadlyn

Design, Insights


I am a designer with a craving to go deep and untangle complexity. My concentration is in understanding how people think, how they feel, what they say, and what they do – then using those insights to create meaningful experiences. With a background that straddles visual design and business, I leverage methods from both fields to design desirable, feasible, and viable solutions for my clients.

Over the course of my career, I have: developed primary health care solutions for low-income communities in India, prototyped new business models to provide cleaning solutions to bottom of the pyramid consumers, conceptualized and built large scale displays for retail experiences, coordinated art programs for children, and reimagined the future of insurance in Canada.

Outside of the office you can find me tending to my assortment of plants, adding to my amateur insect collection, or tearing up the field hockey turf.


MDes in Strategy and Research – Institute of Design, Chicago, IL; MBA – Stuart School of Business, Chicago, IL; BDes (Honours) in Visual Communication Design – University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

What Inspires Me

People who challenge orthodoxies, success stories that make me wish they were mine, stop and chats with strangers, listening to other people’s conversations in public spaces, the Dada movement, and surrealism.