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Derek Last



I'm an innovation strategist by trade, having developed a fascination with how organizations work, and sometimes don't work, and the systems (economic, social, cultural) that are put in place to cause that. I like language and its use to define things: people, strategy, roles, and relationships. A great strategy is often a new understanding and articulation of what has always been, but has gone unnoticed.

I joined the team at Doblin after working for a large multinational financial services organization as a member of their internal innovation team. Prior to that, I worked for leading innovation, design, and brand consultancies tackling challenges for clients around the world. My work has focused on developing innovation strategies for organizations, leading and designing exploratory and targeted research initiatives, supporting the development and design of innovation capabilities, and creating market-ready product and service concepts. I've worked across a variety of industries, from consumer electronics and shipping and logistics, to financial services and healthcare.


BA in Film Studies – York University; MA in Communication and New Media – McMaster University

What Inspires Me

Rhythm in prose, great cinematography, people with vision, the dynamics of competition, and solving problems