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Ebony Bertorelli



Whether understanding a problem or designing for solutions, I'm a tireless advocate of the need to deep dive into lived experiences. I use my social scientist chops to turn evidence into action by designing and leading initiatives that bring together quantitative and qualitative approaches. At the same time, my knack for Human-Centered Design helps to ensure that people are given agency in framing their needs and are a central focus for outcomes.

A large component of my practice is solving problems through innovation. I've developed a reputation for overcoming obstacles of complicated field conditions by patching in tech, products, and strategies that reimagine how to get things done. Think visual communication, participatory data collection, geo-spatial analysis, and mobile and web-based platforms.

I bring 8+ years of experience working across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors and a variety of issue areas including: public health, financial inclusion, basic service provision, and urbanization. I`ve worked for leading organisations including the World Bank, and published on a range of topics.

When I'm not preoccupied with thinking endlessly about participation I can be found in the kitchen experimenting with food and talking to my cats.


BA in Political Science and Film Studies – University of British Columbia; MA in Political Science – McGill University

What Inspires Me

Color, the simple beauty of sharing a meal, and meeting new people in as many places of the world as my legs will carry me.