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Eleni Alpous

Design, Insights


I'm passionate about brands—from origin story, to growing pains, to dreaming about the future. Asking the right questions and uncovering the most powerful problems to solve are two of the most driving forces that guide my design practice. But there's nothing that beats finding real connection with clients—uncovering the issues that keep them up at night and finding new paths as collaborative partners. Listening always matters. Listening to their customers and users matters even more. I love bringing that interaction to life.

I volunteer on the CreativeMornings Toronto team as community builder and designer. I'm also a part time adjunct professor at York University / Sheridan.

Coffee? The answer is, always.


Bachelor of Honours in Design – York University/Sheridan College

What Inspires Me

My grandparents, my clients, hand painted lettering, Instagram, parks, marathon runners