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Eric Arthrell



With a background in corporate strategy from my time with Monitor Deloitte, I am exploring the boundaries of how human-centered design can inform and lead the strategy creation, evaluation, and execution process. I believe that HCD is evolving to be not only an innovation tool, but also a fundamental business leader tool for elite decision makers.

I’m also heavily involved in leveraging HCD in diversity & inclusion initiatives, specifically in understanding and shaping how men show up to work and balance different identities related to being the provider and the nurturer.

I’m a Business Lead Dobliner through and through, but at my core I’m a father with a growing family that wants to change how men and women participate in today’s corporate environment.


International MBA – Schulich School of Business at York University; Bachelor of Business Administration – Wilfrid Laurier University

What Inspires Me

Leaders that take extended paternity leave; human conversations; strategic decisions without precedent