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Jackson Shuttleworth



I work directly with executive leaders in some of the world’s largest businesses to help them design and build more innovative organizations. I’ve helped prototype and build new breakthrough businesses and ecosystems. But what’s most fun is helping companies and executives learn who their users are, and what it is that they need from a product or service. I’m an innovation business lead at Doblin.

I spent four years in our Boston office, but have recently moved to Germany to help build out our practice in Europe. Even though I’m now living in another language and on another continent, I’m still able to do what I love—spending my weekends hiking or skiing in the Alps (previously New Hampshire’s White Mountains), eating my daily pretzel (no more fresh clam chowder), and finishing the day with an Augustiner Helles (instead of my beloved Harpoon IPA).


BA in Business Administration – Boston College

What Inspires Me

Long car rides, subway and transit maps, waking up really early, and grinding the perfect amount of coffee grounds for the French Press on the first try