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Matthew Locsin

Client Leadership, Design


I'm the Director of Doblin’s European business. I help leaders to conceive, develop, and launch innovations, as well as help organizations to develop their own innovation competence.

Operating at the intersection of human-centred design, strategy, and technology, I work with clients to tackle their squishiest problems and most ambitious growth challenges. I've worked extensively in the automotive, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, media, public, and retail sectors.

I specialize in the development of ideas, methods, and tools—including the Ten Types of Innovation—to help advance the discipline of effective innovation. I'm a frequent speaker on design and innovation as well as adjunct faculty at the Institute of Design and Northwestern University.

I live in London with my wife and two daughters.


​Masters of Design – Institute of Design, IIT; BFA – Syracuse University​

What Inspires Me

Human resilience, the things that we believe but do not yet know, and East Coast punk