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Maureen Burns


Chicago Headquarters

I am a motley-minded design strategist and researcher who loves to incorporate the best of other fields into the design practice. I specialize in getting to the bottom of how people think, feel, and behave and in shaping those insights into an actionable framework for change. I’m a bit of a theory junkie and like to play with novel ideas and methods to fuel an innovative approach to problem solving.

I also have a diverse background. My career has included making and studying art, curating cultural exhibitions, community development for the city of Chicago, political research on social movements, non-profit development work, interaction design for a large Silicon Valley internet company, as well as new concept development for businesses looking to grow beyond their business model. I also write and publish articles on visual culture.

When not out trying to save the world, I can be found saving plants from sad environments...that or trying to read Harry Potter in Spanish.


MDes in Design Strategy & Research – IIT's Institute of Design; MA in Visual and Critical Studies – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; BA in International Relations – Johns Hopkins University

What Inspires Me

Biomimicry, the art of Frida Kahlo and Magdalena Abakanowicz, the writings of Judith Butler, traditional folk designs, and understanding the way different people think