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Maximillian Wessman

Design, Insights


Consider me as a kind of solvent to sticky problems- eager to help out when challenges demand new ways of thinking.

Prior to joining Doblin, I lead design strategy projects in varied industries- from an international technologies manufacturer to a neurodegenerative-disease research foundation. As an avid generalist, such diversity in subject & scope is something that defines my practice- I’m attracted to explorative research methodologies that steer design processes into new and unchartered territories. I once, in an attempt to redesign the housing systems for egg-laying-hens in industrial agricultural operations, spent a year collaborating with animal welfare-experts and farmers across Canada to create an industry-first ‘Chicken-Centered’ design mandate.

I have an educational background in industrial design and analytic philosophy- a combination that allows me to both: dive deeply into minute system details and pan outwards to grasp big-picture frameworks. Armed with expert tools for philosophical analysis, I can break down complicated concepts in to more digestible constituent parts; permitting better discussion, co-creation, and experimentation- activities foundational for innovation.


Bdes in Industrial Design – OCAD University, MSc in Analytic Philosophy; Specialization in Ethics – The University of Edinburgh

What Inspires Me

Lab-Grown Protein, Peter Singer, Particularist Ethical Philosophy, Martha Nussbaum, and Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding.