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Michael Johnson



I’m a business enthusiast in the broadest sense. Be it cool clothes for young mums, or hydraulic oil for heavy machinery, the critical questions remain the same and this interests me: what is the customer need, and how can we profitably fulfil it? I combine my business mindset with a deep affinity for design, and have found a natural home, in the form of Doblin, because of this. In my role as a strategist and business designer I strive to help organisations identify and capture new growth opportunities, doing everything in my power to move ideas off the page and out into the world.

Before Doblin I worked as a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte, focused on growth strategies in CPG and retail.


MSc International Management – London School of Economics; BSc Economics – University of Bristol

What Inspires Me

Beautiful design, original writing, a good story, the English countryside and all its trappings: fishing, walks, pubs and pork pies