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Paul Keck

Design, Insights

Chicago Headquarters

As a designer, I’m searching for the human story at the heart of our most complex, ambiguous challenges. I tap into the creative potential of that uncertainty with perseverance, playfulness, plus a touch of healthy skepticism. As a communicator, I help my clients understand and shape their opportunities into compelling, new stories that make the future tangible.

I’ve been lucky enough to explore some truly futuristic technologies, help athletes reinvent their understanding of their game, even dig into the underlying mechanics of human behavior. When I’m not thinking about the future, I’m…actually, still thinking about the future, but through game design, science fiction, and movie-watching.


BFA in Visual Communication Design – Kent State University; MDes - Institute of Design, IIT

What Inspires Me

David Lynch, eavesdropping, the happy accidents found within all systems, Fictional Science, Borges, and David Bowie