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Zahra Ebrahim

Client Leadership


I am the co-lead of Doblin’s Canadian practice. My experience helping large organizations innovate has led me to obsess over process and experience design, and how organizations embody the creative behaviour they seek to infuse into the things they put out to the marketplace. An adaptive mindset, I believe, is the key element to creating institutional innovation that lasts. I care as much about the mindset of the organization as I do the products and services they innovate.

Before joining Doblin, I founded and led archiTEXT, one of the first design-based innovation studios in Canada—focused exclusively on innovation that drives greater social change. I spent a decade working with Canada’s largest charities, philanthropic organizations and governing bodies to help them understand how to better engage the people they’re trying to serve in the process of creating solutions. I’ve piloted and taught programs at OCAD University, the Museum of Modern Art, and currently teach at the University of Toronto.

When I’m not obsessing over process, I’ll find any excuse to talk about Jane Jacobs and the organization whose board I chair, Jane’s Walk. You’ll also find me hanging out with my fellow urbanists, working actively to make community-led change happen in the city and pretending that I know where to find cool music.


MDes – Strategic Foresight and Innovation – OCAD University; BA – Urban Systems, Architecture – McGill University

What Inspires Me

Landing in a new city and immediately looking for: the best coffee, the next comedy show, the nearest post-modern building, a great public space, and the best felt-tip pen in the near vicinity