Senior Design Researcher


Job description

Doblin UK is looking to hire experienced design researchers to join its growing practice in London.

We are especially interested in hearing from researchers with a background in ethnography, UX research and/or digital research methods.

Design researchers at Doblin bring their curiosity, empathy and interpretive skills to bear on all aspects of our work—from framing an innovation challenge to designing new propositions and testing prototypes with users. Our research is pragmatic and applied, enabling us to design, build and act with intent.

Crucially, you will help to connect our teams, projects and clients with the customers and citizens we seek to serve.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Designing, planning and executing user research
  • Collaborating with designers, strategists and technologists to turn insights from research into solutions to business and social challenges
  • Advocating for the value of user research, and bringing client organisations along the discovery journey
  • Synthesising and communicating research insights and findings in compelling and immersive ways
  • Supporting and leading client-facing conversations that may challenge established perspectives on their markets and customers
  • Contributing to Doblin’s expertise and tradecraft in design research

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate these characteristics:

  • At least 5 years of relevant research experience
  • A passion for learning about the world, human behaviour, and the motivations that lie beneath the surface
  • The practised ability to tie observations from research to recommendations and actions
  • Comfort with ambiguity and experimentation
  • The ability to work in dynamic conditions, and transition quickly between collaborative and individual work
  • Compelling written and spoken communication
  • Strong planning, organisation and documentation skills
  • An interest in multiple disciplines and approaches, and the ability to quickly dive into a new domain or process
  • A collaborative nature, drawing motivation from effective teamwork

We are a global design-led innovation consultancy with over 30 years of experience helping corporate and institutional clients to grow, evolve and create new propositions. Since the 1980s, Doblin has pioneered the application of design methods, social science and business strategy to innovation challenges.

Our growing London practice offers the opportunity to work alongside a talented team of designers, researchers and strategists on some of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges.

Please send your portfolio and CV to along with your response to the following question:

If you had unlimited time and resources to research something interesting happening in the world, what would you like to study, and how would you go about it?
(150 words)